Hard Candy Plumping Serum Volumizing Lip Gloss in Girl Next Door







Full size $6 at Walmart and Walmart.com
Hardcandy.com   (products only, no online store)

I first got this in the mini size (isn’t it precious!?) from Walmart.com as free sample for buying 2 L’Oreal 360 face wash.  I had no clue that Hard Candy even existed at that point.

I have naturally full lips, so I am not usually attracted to any lip products with “plumping/volumizing” as adjectives.  But, I ended up buying the full size just for curiosity’s sake.

Girl Next Door is a light pink gloss with fine, predominately gold glitter.  I also see some green, purple and blue in there.  It’s not extremely pigmented on my lips, but does give a bit of color.












It does have a nice tingle to it.  It feels rather nice, and doesn’t sting.  It’s also not sticky.
I don’t see any sort of difference in my lips.

I am always drawn to the Hard Candy products’ attractive packaging.  I know it sounds kinda silly, but most people don’t want to buy a product (regardless of quality) in an unattractive case.
So Hard Candy knows how to sell.  And another example of this —

Look at the picture at the top of this page, doesn’t it look like a lot of product?
Now, take a look at this.












Tricky, tricky…
Most of the packaging is the plastic, with a little bit of product in the center.  .10 oz to be exact.
I have to admit, this is very clever.  But not clever enough to be worth $6.

That being said…I probably would not buy this again.  It’s nothing extremely special to me in the first place, although it is a nice gloss.

But overall, it’s an ok product.


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