Sakura Steakhouse Altoona, PA

I have been here twice, this post is mostly from my first visit, as I didn’t have my camera for the second.

Sakura is a hibachi restaurant, but it also has a sushi bar and an alcohol bar
I’ve been to a hibachi restaurant once, but it’s more of a one or two time novelty thing.



















First one is my platter, second is my mom’s.  She doesn’t really like the raw stuff.

I got Eel and Smoked Salmon nigiri, and a spicy mayo salmon maki.  Mom got the egg and shrimp nigiri and I can’t remember the name of the roll.  It was Shrimp Tempura with avocado on top.

Everything was very good.  We had the seaweed salad as well which is always so delicious.  The second visit I had Octopus.  It was decent, though not as good as I’ve had elsewhere.  It was a little too rubbery.

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