Inglot Freedom System 10 Palette Swatches

I was super excited to go to Inglot when I went to Ireland.  Unfortunately due to the high prices in Ireland, I spent way over what I would have online.

I ended up spending €68, which comes out to be around $85.  D:
But, you live and learn.

Each shadow was €6, which is about $7.54.









AMC 51, AMC 58, AMC Shine 17, DS 473, Matte 354
AMC 63, DS 483, Pearl 446, Matte 377, DS 491









I find AMC 51 (Orange) difficult to blend, but it is a wonderful, slightly sparkly color.

AMC 58 is a gorgeous, slightly gold toned green.

AMC Shine17 (Green with gold) is one of my favorite colors! I haven’t seen anything like it before.

AMC 53 (Black) is a decent matte black.

DS 483 (Navy Blue) really needs to be built up for good color payoff.  It’s a beautiful color but just doesn’t have that great of pigmentation or wear.

Pearl 446 is a beautiful and rich Bordeaux/Burgundy color.  It has great pigmentation and looks even more spectacular over a dark base.

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