Mango Chutney

I don’t have any exact measurements for this recipe, I pretty much go by taste and adjust from there.

2 Mangoes
1 Apple
Grated Ginger – I use a microplane
Apple Cider Vinegar
White Wine Vinegar
Curry Powder – mild or medium (or spicy if you really want to!)
Tiny bit of nutmeg
In a small saucepan

  1. Cut the mangoes and apple to around a small dice 
  2. Grate ginger on a small box grater or microplane 
  3. Add cider vinegar to about covering the fruit, white wine vinegar to cover 
  4. Add sugar to balance out the acidity, how much you use depends on how sweet or tart you want your chutney 
  5. Add cinnamon, curry powder and nutmeg to taste 
  6. Bring to a boil and taste, adjust spices, sugar or vinegar as needed 
  7. Set back heat and simmer until fruit is soft and liquid is pretty thick 
  8. Taste and adjust flavors

That’s it, pretty simple!!

This recipe is by me


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