Food Revolution Day: A Day to Consider the Culinary Contribution of Native Americans to the World

Part 1
Part 2

A very interesting article by Jessica Diemer-Eaton about traditional Native American foods that are known throughout the world.

Some excerpts:

Jumping right into our world food tour, let’s start with the cuisine of northern Europe. You may be surprised to know that the Irish potato is actually South American in origin. All potatoes came from the New World, all varieties having roots to the Americas, and most cultivated potatoes came from the fields of Native farmers.” 

However, peppers may have had a larger impact in Indian and eastern Asian cuisine. Indian curry owes its red spice to New World peppers. Cayenne and hot peppers served as the base of curry, replacing Old World black peppers previously used in curry. Chilies were adopted into local Szechuan and Hunanese sauces, while the Chinese in general mixed chilies with oil that created a condiment that would preserve for use at any time of the year.” 

No Fourth of July barbecue would be complete without roasted corn on the cob, nor would a New England clambake be considered fitting without cob corn steamed with the clams and lobsters. What’s more is both cooking methods – barbecue and clambake – are Native American cooking techniques (the term barbecue is accredited to Caribbean Natives).” 


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