L’Oreal Now Parent Company of Urban Decay

While perusing Bloglovin’ today, I came across Muse’s post here about L’Oreal buying Urban Decay.  I was mostly surprised that Urban Decay would allow themselves to be part of a company that isn’t cruelty free, but of course there was the whole China debate earlier.  Muse has posted the Urban Decay has pledged to stay cruelty free, which is awesome of course!


Although on the flip side, many comments on Temptalia’s post show that now that Urban Decay is owned by L’Oreal, it may start appearing on the shelves in other countries.


Temptalia’s post here


One concern among Urban Decay fans might be its stance on animal testing and how that might change over time.  While ultimately whether you buy or not will depend on your set of rules, but some brands under L’Oreal have no animal testing policies, including Giorgio Armani and The Body Shop (another brand that was acquired) were two readily identified. It is possible for Urban Decay to continue forward with their policy, but the parent company does still conduct animal testing; L’Oreal has significantly reduced its animal testing and has invested millions of dollars into alternative testing methods (source; also see L’Oreal’s developments here), though it has not ceased entirely.

Here is Urban Decay’s response: ”Though our ownership is changing, our policies are not. We just spoke to both the CCIC and PETA, and will keep our cruelty-free bunny icons. Urban Decay is staying cruelty-free and proud.”

From Temptalia’s post

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