Baking Bread with Unrefined Sugar featuring Cheese Rolls

I cooked dinner on New Years Day for my family.  Mom wanted to make cheese and sausage rolls but we found we were out of sugar.  After some debate, we decided to try to find a way to use the unrefined sugar that we had.

This was the recipe we used –

We shredded cheese and kneaded it into our dough, instead of having a big glob of melted cheese inside.  We also did sausage and cheese rolls.


Since unrefined sugar is usually much coarser than refined white sugar, I figured we would have to use different proportions after grinding the raw sugar.  But of course there was so little information for using it as a substitute for baking.  We found this site – – and figured we would give it a go with using the same amount.


The texture of the ground sugar was interesting.  It felt almost like cornmeal.

Compared to refined sugar; whole unrefined sugar


It turned out just fine!  There wasn’t any sort of weird flavor or texture in the rolls and they rose well.


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