Tragus Piercing + Studio 28 NYC

Last week I headed to NY with my boyfriend to visit his family and the city.  We originally were going to go to a place I had already looked into to get my piercing  done, but we ran into Studio 28 Tattoos.

We went in to check it out, not expecting much, but we were pleasantly surprised.  The shop is very clean and the staff are friendly.  Brandon was awesome, he was very knowledgeable and walked us through the whole process.  We got a great deal because I have very sensitive ears and Brandon didn’t think he should charge us extra because I couldn’t get pierced with anything else.

The piercing didn’t hurt too much, but it did make a horrible sound when the needle came out the front of my tragus.  It wasn’t really sore for the first two days, but I when I woke up this morning it was really sore and swollen.  I’ve been taking Ibuprofin and keeping it clean, so hopefully the swelling will go down soon.


I’ll update later with a picture and progress

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