Ion Color Brilliance Permanent Hair Dye Experience

As of last week I have had 2 experiences with Ion Color Brilliance permanent hair dye.  You can buy this dye, as well as developer and other Ion items, at Sally Beauty Supply.  It’s fairly inexpensive, running around $5-6.


The first was in July using Intense Red of the liquid permanent dye.  This was done by my boyfriend’s eldest sister who is a cosmetologist.






The color was a deep cherry red, but faded to a more natural tone after about 1-1 1/2 weeks.


And here we are in early November with my gross colored roots.  My hair was pretty much the same color as the above ‘before’ picture, but a little more copper colored.

This time I colored my hair myself (so proud) with the Creme Permanent dye in Light Copper Blonde.  And it did not come out as expected, though I’m content with the color

My camera couldn’t capture the color properly.  It turned out much darker than I expected, though it has faded down more towards the expected color.

My educated guess (and from some research) is that this color conflicted with the previous one, which makes sense.  I am not disappointed in the end result, but next time I’ll have to treat my hair to remove the residual dye.

As for the lasting quality of the dye, it’s hard to tell.  Red is a tricky color to keep even with good quality dye.  I lost a ton of vibrancy in just 3 1/2 months, but I also hadn’t really taken any precautions against it with serums, etc… for red hair.

I was surprised that this stuff wasn’t strong smelling, I guess I was too used to boxed dye.  It left my hair feeling super soft, too!

Overall a success!


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