Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumizing Mascara Review and Swatches

~ $3 at, Walgreens, KMart…

• Immediate Extreme Volume
• Buildable Formula Without Clumping
• Long-Lasting Power


I’ve finally gotten around to doing a review on this!

After reading all the hype online about this mascara, I just had to try it out….and it delivers!  This girl’s got a new favorite mascara!

The brush is a simple fiber brush, nothing special.  Honestly I tend to get better results with this kind of brush.

While I wouldn’t quite call it “extreme” volume, this mascara does a really good job of plumping up my lashes without having to use a ton of coats.  Usually I apply 2 coats at max.

As described, I’ve had no problems with clumping as long as I’m not using a super heavy hand, but I think that’s more of an issue with my eyelash type and the mascara formula.    The formula is kind of in the middle of dry and wet, leaning a tad bit on the wet side.  It’s dry enough for my eyelashes to get good results but just wet enough that I can smear it on if I’m not paying attention.  I hope that’s a decent description *le sigh*

My only gripe is the occasional flaking, but honestly I’m extremely willing to overlook that fact because this mascara is excellent.








Cruelty free

Very budget friendly

Great volume

Decent definition



Some flaking





Bonus pic


FYI, my watermarks are different because my Photoshop stopped working and I couldn’t redownload the free version for some reason D:

So I’m using GIMP.  I need to take new “before” lashes pics anyways because my lovely boyfriend got me a much nicer camera for Christmas.


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