Shop Spotlight – Joy’s Cosmetics

After seeing the lovely posts about fake cosmetics and online stores, I decided to revamp this old post about one of my tried and true online stores – Joy’s Cosmetics.

Joy’s Cosmetics is an eBay store based in California that originally sold only NYX products, but expanded to sell EcoTools, Milani, Red Cherry, Tweezerman and other brands at lower costs.  This store also provides discounts on multiple items and sets.  She also sells accessories such as mirrors, brushes, makeup bags, and other tools.

I originally found this shop while looking for NYX products because, at the time, the only store nearby that sold NYX was about 30-45 minutes away and NYX’s shipping is ridiculous unless you spend over $50.

I cannot rave enough about this shop.  The customer service is spectacular, and shipping is fast and quite cheap.  Everything I’ve ordered has been wrapped up tight in bubble wrap and sealed with a little sticker.

I definitely recommend Joy’s Cosmetics!

Some price comparisons

Doll Eye Mascara
NYX $9.50($5 shipping to me – East Coast)

Ulta $10 ($5.95 shipping if buying online)

JC     $7.44 ($2.62 shipping)

Eyeshadow Primer
Milani $6.99 ($5, flat shipping)

CVS $6.49

JC      $5.99 ($2.62 shipping)

Flat Eyeliner Brush

EcoTools $3.99 ($5.95 shipping)

JC $3.89 ($2.62 shipping)


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