ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil First Impression and Swatches

After much impatience, I got my ColourPop order in the mail last Tuesday! I am super excited, I have yet to play around with them, but so far they are amazing!

I will do a much more detailed review later of course, but I wanted to share my swatches of the 6 Lippie Stix and 1 Lippie Pencil I bought. I unfortunately do not have a picture of the pencil because I stupidly smashed the poor thing by not paying attention to which cap I put on it!

These lipsticks are so gorgeous! The packaging is simple but attractive and has the name of each color on the bottom of the tube. They are kind of color coded, but a lot of the shades are really similar so it can be hard to tell.

They have a sweet, vanilla-like scent to them. I don’t find it to be particularly strong but I could see some people possibly being turned off by it.

I have already tried out most of them and they all look and feel amazing! I really don’t have much of a review right now for them, but I have a review coming up soon about my experience with ColourPop so far.

Here are my initial swatches

From left to right – Bound, Lumiere, Fiesta, Clique (and matching pencil), Frida, and Fetch


Here are the same swatches after I did a smudge test and then washed with soap and water. I scrubbed quite well with my hands and ultimately had to use a makeup wipe.





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