You Look Disgusting – A Video by Em Ford

I came across this very sad and powerful video the other day on Instagram.

Em Ford has struggled with adult acne for some time, but despite this, she began posting her bare face on social media. Recently she released short video – You Look Disgusting – on the nasty comments she received – both on pictures with and without makeup!

I know that a lot of people get told they look great without makeup, and it’s good that people recognize this! But we have people telling others that they shouldn’t wear makeup while others get scorned for wearing “too much” makeup.

I’d like to remind everyone that people don’t just wear makeup to cover their acne and/or scars, or to impress others. Many people wear makeup because of the simple fact that they like it.

If a person does wear makeup to cover acne, they are not fake and they are not trying to trick you. People do not have “trust issues” from other people wearing makeup. If makeup can make someone feel better in their own skin, please let them. There’s enough negativity going on in their life, I can assure you.

This is a very difficult thing for me to explain, so please watch!


Em also encourages people to share their acne stories, which I will! I’ve been meaning to do an updated skin care post too


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