Urban Decay Naked 3 vs Style Essentials Nude Eyes

For Christmas I received the Style Essentials Nude Eyes palette from a friend. I’d seen it before at Five Below but never bought it because I couldn’t be sure it was cruelty free. It does say it is on the back, but we know anyone can slap that on.

I couldn’t find anything on their parent company, Almar Sales, website about it and found nothing about it on the internet. I have sent them an email and will get the reply to you as soon as I can.

This also comes with a lip crayon but I haven’t included it in this post.

It’s quite obvious that it’s meant to be a “knockoff” Naked 3 palette. The colors look almost identical in the pan.


Here are the swatches! I couldn’t swatch the first color in each because I am so pale.

Most of the colors are very similar, though the last two colors are pretty far off.

Overall it seems like a decent color dupe and low-cost dupe for the Naked 3 palette but as I have not been able to test its wear to Naked 3, I can’t say it’s a true dupe yet.

By ‘true dupe” I mean that it has the same or very similar color, pigmentation, and wear time. These products can be used as a low-cost or cruelty free alternative.

If you don’t only buy cruelty free cosmetics then at around $5, I say go for it!

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