Beauty “Eh’s” – NYX Cosmetics

Beauty “Eh’s” is a series I want to do with my least favorite products from a brand.

I’m starting off with NYX Cosmetics. Most things from NYX I have thoroughly enjoyed, but there were a few products that left me personally unimpressed.

Stay Matte But Not Flat Foundation

This left me matte and flat. It looked very cakey on my skin and I think it was just too heavy of coverage for me personally. I really disliked it so much that I didn’t even bother taking pictures or doing any sort of a review.

Boudoir Mascara Collection Faux Lashes Mascara

As I stated in the review, I didn’t find this to be anything special. It definitely didn’t live up to expectations.

Skin Tone Eyeshadow Base

This base was really just not anything special. NYX originally labeled it as an “eyeshadow primer pot” but it is definitely not a primer. I found it better as an undereye concealer than as a base.

Not pictured is HD Eyeshadow Base.

I have a love hate relationship with it. For the most part I hate using it on my eyes, but I do like to use it to do swatches. I found it works better on my eyes for loose shadows.




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