The Great Ulta Salon Hair Debacle

My birthday was at the end of April and I received money from my mother as a gift. I decided to get my hair done professionally as a gift, and my boyfriend chipped in as well.

I made an appointment at my ‘local’ Ulta online and I was super excited to get my hair done. I chose Ulta because I figured they would be the best place and they also had Pravana hair color, which is cruelty free.

Let me first point out that my stylist was super nice and friendly, so this obviously isn’t a bad review because she was rude or anything.

This was the photo I showed her that was along the lines of the color I wanted –


A nice light orangey red. Nothing too bright because of my job.

This is what I ended up with –



I didn’t say anything (mistake obviously) because I really liked the color, I didn’t want to cause a fuss or bother her, and I was also afraid that I’d have to pay more to get it fixed. I ended up paying $108 for it BTW, she originally told me it’d be around $70.

Also, though it was bright, I figured that my hair was going to be under a hat so it wasn’t a huge deal. Everything was great until I actually got to work 2 days later and realized just how bright my hair actually was.

In the lighting at work, my hair looked fluorescent and almost pink! That was definitely NOT what I wanted or paid $100 for. After washing it a few times with no results, I sent Ulta an email explaining my situation.

Pictures don’t really do the color justice


I eventually got a call back and made an appointment to get it fixed. The day of I get a call that the stylist called out ill and rescheduled me the following Monday, despite me saying that I had to get my hair fixed because of work (HR person saw me without a hat before I was clocked in and complained, sigh….) I sent another email to Ulta and shortly after I got a phone call from the store saying they could get me in the next morning.

So after all this back and forth, I finally got into Ulta last Wednesday and got my hair fixed, yay!

Here is the final result!


I am actually very in love with this color! It’s been about 10 years since I’ve had dark hair and I didn’t think I’d ever go back to it.
I cannot say I’ll ever go back to Ulta (or to any other professional place for that matter right now) but I’m really glad they fixed their mistake, even though it took a bit of effort and complaining to actually get results.

One thought on “The Great Ulta Salon Hair Debacle

  1. Maemi says:

    The final color is gorgeous! 😀 It does suit you really well. That was quite an experience, Amanda, I’m glad you got them to fix it.

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