ColourPop Lippie Stix Swatches

$5 at

ColourPop’s Lippie Stix come in a huge variety of colors in several different finishes. The website makes it easy to shop by color and finish within their Lippie Stix category and almost every shade has a matching Lippie Liner available.

The packaging is simple but attractive and has the name of each color on the bottom of the tube. The tubes are kind of color coded, but a lot of the shades are really similar so it can be hard to tell.

They have a sweet, vanilla-like scent to them. I don’t find it to be particularly strong but I could see some people possibly being turned off by it.


Fetch, Clique, Fiesta, Crunch, Topanga, Bound, Contempo, Lumiere, Frida, Whip, and Grind.

Natural Lighting

Indoor Lighting

Crunch and Whip are sheer finish, which is why they aren’t as pigmented. Whip is actually much more purple on the lips than in the picture.

ColourPop has again recently discontinued a good chunk of their products and I believe Crunch and Whip were two of them.

The only two colors I personally don’t like are Fiesta and Grind. Fiesta looks pretty as a swatch but I don’t think the color and cream finish works well on my lips. Grind is just too blue toned for me I believe.














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