Cosplay: Styling My Levy McGarden Wig Part 1

Cosplay is a hobby I’ve recently found to be very enjoyable. I’ve always wanted to do cosplay and after a long long time I finally debuted at Otakon 2016 as Levy McGarden.

One of the things I absolutely had to get right was the wig, hair is a very important part of a costume. I’m making these posts, along with some videos, about how I styled my wig.

I have a better opportunity to go in depth about the wig and the company than I have in the video so I will link this post to the video and vice versa 🙂

Keep reading for more!

First I’m going to talk about Arda and their wigs. You can find them at or

Arda is a LGBT-owned wig company created by cosplayer Crystina. Arda strives to take the best care of their employees which really relates to the overall quality of their business. This really speaks to me and I’m really proud to support a company that cares so much about it’s workers. You can read much more about the company and its employees at It’s a pretty fun About Us page.

Arda has wigs with two types of fibers – Classic and Silky.

Classic is the fiber that most of their wigs are made with. It is very durable and works best for styling. It is heat resistant up to 420 degrees Fahrenheit and has a very natural look.

Silky is their special fiber that is best used for ready-to-wear styles. It is easier to comb and detangle, and is very smooth. It is also heat resistant, but less than the Classic fibers.

My wig is Arda’s Jaguar Classic in Denim Blue. Jaguar is only made with the Classic fibers at the moment. It is perfect for Levy! I styled it quite minimally, the wig did most of the work.

You can watch the first part of my video below or on Youtube here













This wig is $30, which is pretty standard for Arda’s short and medium wigs. The longer wigs and lace front wigs are where the prices are $40 and upwards.

I’ve only bought from Arda so I can’t comment on the quality based on how it is comparable to other companies. From what I’ve heard from others, and from my own experience, the quality is superb. It feels like real hair and styles very easily. The Classic fibers are designed to photograph without looking unnatural and shiny. Overall I’ve been really happy with my purchase.

Arda has a massive selection of colors for their wigs. Denim Blue was the best color I found, though Slate Blue is very similar. If you wanted to go darker they have Cobalt Blue, or if you wanted lighter, Aqua. There’s about 7-8 different blues available for Jaguar.

Jaguar has basically 3 different lengths. The front bang section is roughly chin length, depending on the person. On me, they go just under my bottom lip. The side sections reach just about shoulder length and the back is layered.

This wig has crimped roots, which means you can style and spike it heavily without showing through to the wefting on the top of the wig. If you spike the back up too much, you can see the gaps in the wefting. Jaguar spikes very easily, even just ruffling the back gives it a lot of volume.

Here are some photos of the wig largely unstyled

20160805_225920 20160805_230144








Stay tuned for part 2 and 3 in the next week or so.


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