Cosplay: Styling My Levy McGarden Wig Part 2

Finally got the video for part 2 filmed and up on youtube!

Part 2 is about styling her front fringe/bangs. After the cut is the text post, which contains a lot of images.

Here are my tools!

  • Rat-tailed combs, fine and wide toothed
  • Bobby pins
  • Hair clips
  • Hair dryer (optional)
  • Detangler (optional)

I started off just spraying the fringe section with detangler and combing it. Short wigs like this may not really need detangler but I used it anyway to help keep it nice.

First, I separated the front fringe section from the side fringe. I pinned the side fringe back on both sides to keep it out of the way.

Jaguar has very thick hair in the front, so I have to do this in multiple sections. It’s easy, but tedious. I like to use the separation between the wefts as a guide.

Pull your first section back and clip it. At this point you can either just pin it down or you can use a hair dryer to aid in keeping the hair back. If you apply heat and then let that section cool, it will begin to stay back on its own. It’s harder the closer you go toward the front though.

This is what happens when you use the hair dryer. Look, no hands!

Keep doing this until you get to the front. I pinned the very front in three sections so it laid how I wanted it to. You can do this however you want.

Now the tricky part – wrestling on the headband. It took a bit of messing around but I used a stretchy headband and positioned it behind the “bump.” I pulled her side fringe through as well.

Now you can go about making the final adjustments. I used the end of a rat-tailed comb to arrange the side fringe and the side of the hair. After that I made adjustments to how much of the front fringe was up and that was it!

I hope this has helped! I definitely suggest watching the video, making a text post can be a little confusing.



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