5 Years Cruelty Free

As of this past September, I’ve been cruelty free for 5 years!

I hadn’t really been keeping track so I was a bit surprised it had been this long. I’m glad I’ve been able to keep up with it.

This kind of thing is made easier with having the support and resources you need. Please remember that wherever you are in your cruelty free journey, you’re doing good!

I want to share one of the best cruelty free communities I am in. Courtney at Phyrra is a pretty big cruelty free beauty blogger and her group on Facebook is the most supportive and non-judgmental cruelty free I’ve ever been a part of. You are welcome and accepted no matter where you are on your transition to being cruelty free. It’s an amazing group, I definitely recommend that you join!


So, blog news:

I’m currently working on updating my cruelty free resources page with more brands and bloggers. I’m probably going to organize the page better with a separate section for brands that are exclusively or more exclusively skincare or hair.

I also want to start a sort of new segment about the stuff I find at TJ Maxx. My store has a lot of cruelty free stuff there recently, particularly high end. It’s great for people on a budget and I know people aren’t quite sure what brands they have there are cruelty free.

I want to continue my series of the cruelty free hair, personal hygiene, and others; as well as venture into cruelty free non-cosmetic items such as household items.

I wish everyone the best for this new year!


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