ColourPop Cosmetics

I originally made this post a review after my very first order, it’s been quite a while so I revamped it to be a sort of “brand spotlight.”

ColourPop is a company based in Los Angeles.

They do not have a whole lot of information on their website and primarily use social media (particularly Instagram) as their means of communication, which is what brought them to popularity, and also suspicion. Their products are heavily promoted by popular makeup reviewers.  The founders themselves are very private and do not speak much for the brand, which I can see leading to some suspicion. You can read a very informative article about this whole thing titled “How ColourPop Became the Most Popular (and most mysterious) Beauty Brand on the Internet.” I definitely recommend reading it if you’re into the brand.

I put the following in block quotes because it goes slightly off track, but is still relevant to the review. You can skip it if you wish.

Overall I enjoyed the honestly and thoroughness of the article. It explored ColourPop’s quiet origin and sudden popularity. I like that it talked about the seemingly “bad” stuff, such as the “conspiracy” theories.

One of my favorite parts of this article is “It’s clear they [Founders Laura and John Nelson] do not want to be a mouthpiece for the brand. They want the products — and their social media manager — to do the talking.” I really like this. As an almost solely social media represented company it is somewhat disconnected from its fanbase, being that social media especially for companies has a tightly controlled image, as the article states. I don’t think this is the case with ColourPop though. I think their heavy social media presence is unique and really does bring them closer to their fanbase. I think it’s part of what made them popular. Even so, I love the idea that the founders want their products to speak for themselves through their social media followers – that is, their partners and customers…people who use and enjoy their products. They don’t heavily advertise and I enjoy that.

I can see how some people find ColourPop’s methods questionable. I have spoken to them on a number of occasions through email (mostly questions for this blog) and from the things I see online, I find them to be quite transparent in their business. The founders however do seem quite private but I love the fact that they let their own customers and employees do the talking.

I think a large contributor to their popularity is the active inclusion of POC in their swatches and social media. Far too many companies only cater to pale/white people, which I am included in, but that is not acceptable. They have a wide range of colors that suit many skin tones.

ColourPop is cruelty free and PETA certified. Most of their line is vegan, and they are working on making their entire line vegan friendly. All of their Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencils are vegan, as well as all of their Ultra Satin Lipsticks. All of the Ultra Matte Lipsticks except for Tulle are vegan. You can find the list of all the non-vegan products in their FAQ here, and on my list here.

Their website is well organized, though image heavy but in this case it is much appreciated. As I stated above, they feature swatches on different skin tones so you can see how the colors look on a tone similar to yours.

ColourPop’s products include lipsticks, lip liners, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, eyeshadow, eyeliner (pencil and gel), blush, highlighter, concealer and brow products. You can browse by product and narrow your search by finish and color. The website also contains new arrivals and best sellers sections.

I enjoy how almost all of their lipstick sand matching lip liners share names for ease of coordination. If they do not share names, usually on the product page there is a recommendation for a matching lip liner. The creme gel and liners, and brow color and sticks are the same in that respect.

Their products are very affordable while being of great quality. Most of their products range from $5 – $8. Eyeshadow palettes are understandably more expensive at $22 and their individual brushes cost between $6 – $11.

Spending over $30 gets free shipping in the US, over $50 gets free global shipping. ColourPop has various coupon codes and signing up for their newsletter will get you $5 off your next purchase.

I have only had to deal with Customer Service once but I had fast replies when contacting via email. I received a wrong product and it was fixed in a timely manner. Unfortunately, ColourPop’s return policy is nonexistent, citing their “low cost nature” as the reasoning.

When you receive your package you’ll get some extra things along with your purchase.

A handwritten note is included in each order. The notes are cute, though not personalized, but it’s the thought that counts. You’ll also get a handy guide on the formulas/finishes of different products. Each product does come with an ingredient list, however it is not tailored specifically to the product. For example, you’ll get the ingredient lists for the Lippie Stix, but not just for that specific shade.

Overall I’ve had a positive experience with ColourPop with very few negative things I can mention. Their return policy is a bummer, especially with the wide shade range of concealers and the future foundations. Perhaps they will reconsider when the time comes.

I definitely recommend ColourPop to anyone, especially people who are looking for moderately priced items with good quality.



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