I’m Back….Again

It has been a little over 3 months since my last post. I feel like I’m always making posts about why I haven’t been posting… :/

Long story short – slow computer and busy doing other things.

I did just buy a new Chromebook specifically for stuff like blogging and writing. My old computer still works but trying to use the internet and whatnot is so slow that I never really bothered. I’m hoping this will give me more incentive to work on the blogs.

Right now my plan is to go back and revive some old posts and go draft diving for new ones 🙂


5 Years Cruelty Free

As of this past September, I’ve been cruelty free for 5 years!

I hadn’t really been keeping track so I was a bit surprised it had been this long. I’m glad I’ve been able to keep up with it.

This kind of thing is made easier with having the support and resources you need. Please remember that wherever you are in your cruelty free journey, you’re doing good!

I want to share one of the best cruelty free communities I am in. Courtney at Phyrra is a pretty big cruelty free beauty blogger and her group on Facebook is the most supportive and non-judgmental cruelty free I’ve ever been a part of. You are welcome and accepted no matter where you are on your transition to being cruelty free. It’s an amazing group, I definitely recommend that you join!


So, blog news:

I’m currently working on updating my cruelty free resources page with more brands and bloggers. I’m probably going to organize the page better with a separate section for brands that are exclusively or more exclusively skincare or hair.

I also want to start a sort of new segment about the stuff I find at TJ Maxx. My store has a lot of cruelty free stuff there recently, particularly high end. It’s great for people on a budget and I know people aren’t quite sure what brands they have there are cruelty free.

I want to continue my series of the cruelty free hair, personal hygiene, and others; as well as venture into cruelty free non-cosmetic items such as household items.

I wish everyone the best for this new year!

ColourPop’s Lux Lipsticks Launch Today 1/31

*this is not a sponsored post. I am in no way affliated with ColourPop*

ColourPop’s Lux Lipsticks launch today, 1/31, at $7 each. They will be available to purchase at 10 am PST (1 pm EST)

“LUX it up. Enriched with our LUX Blend of butters, this creamy-matte, long wearing lipstick glides on the skin for intense pigmentation in shades made for every skin tone.”

*All photos are from ColourPop’s website*

Cosplay: Advice and Tips For Beginner Cosplayers

After the last post I did about cosplay, I wanted to make a more comprehensive list for first-time and beginner cosplayers. I am a beginner cosplayer myself, but I wanted to share my knowledge for everyone.

Some general tips for cosplay at conventions –

  • Start working on your costume as soon as you can. You may feel like you have a lot of time, but it’s no fun to be still working on it the night before the con.
  • Book your hotel early! The closer to con time, the more expensive it will be.
  • Drink water! Whether it’s hot or not, it’s easy to get dehydrated when you’re in costume.
  • Make sure to have an emergency sewing kit. A lot of cons have a place you can fix your stuff at, but it’s good to have a kit with you or at your hotel room.
  • Put pockets where you can in your costume!
  • Make sure your prop weapons follow con guidelines. It would suck to make a cool prop and not be allowed to have it.
  • Take breaks and sit down if you need to.
  • Mind your cosplay in crowded areas, both for you and other people.
  • Use your manners and expect others to do the same.

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Anime Convention Tips for First Time Con-Goers and Cosplayers

Disclosure – This post was originally “sponsored” by Vegas.com. I was invited to write this post and I am not being paid for it.

Hey guys! Today I’m making a post about tips for your first anime convention, or if you’re cosplaying for the first time at a con!

I was originally contacted by Vegas.com to do this post. The Las Vegas Comic Con is June 23-25, so this post is a little late if you’re going, but I thought this would be a good post to do regardless! I’ll probably do another of this type of informative post after Otakon this year.

If you are planning to go to the Las Vegas Comic Con, here’s a website for Las Vegas travel deals that Vegas.com wanted me to share with you. Again, late, but it may help someone.

I’ve only been to Otakon twice (website here), with my third year coming up this August. Last year was my first year cosplaying. I’m no expert by any means, but I’d like to share what I’ve learned from the last two cons.

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