Upcoming from NYX – Total Control Drop Foundation

On December 28th, NYX is dropping (ha) their new foundation. It will be available for around $14 and have 24 shades!

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Taiwan Bans Cosmetics Testing

Last week, Taiwan announced that they would be banning cosmetics testing on animals for both ingredients and finished products. The bill goes into effect in 2019 after a 3 year transitional period. It is the first country in SE Asia to propose a ban against animal testing.

People in Taiwan can still buy imported cosmetics that have been tested, but the #BeCrueltyFree Taiwan campaign is going to be working on ending this as well.

Read more about  it here and here

Estée Lauder Buys BECCA Cosmetics

Last week, Estée Lauder bought BECCA Cosmetics for a speculated $200 million (as compared to L’Oreal, who bought IT Cosmetics for $1.2 billion.)

You can read more about it here

As we know, Estée Lauder is not cruelty free but BECCA states that they will remain cruelty free on their FAQ. We will have to wait and see how they continue forward.



Open Letter to Trendmood – External Link


An interesting read. I myself was a follower of Trendmood until I read this. I had no idea that they were breaking contract (their own or others) by posting sneak peeks to early. I don’t know how she’s not in any legal trouble. I also learned that she has been taking others’ photos and not only providing no credit, but blocking people who did ask for credit to be given to them. That is a HUGE no-no for me and should be for others as well, it’s a blatant copyright violation.

Silk Naturals HD Cream Foundation Swatches

Full size $11.99 (sample size $0.99) at silknaturals.com

I purchased samples to determine which shade would be best and to test out before I committed to buying. They come in little clamshells that hold quite a good amount of product actually.

These samples are obviously swatched on my hand, so it’s not a clear picture of what shade I match with. The 20s are too dark, and personally I believe that C10 is the best match for me, although N10 also works on my skin tone.  I have pretty pale skin but I am in no way towards the warm side, but honestly neutral works for me as well.


I am still experimenting with this foundation, but so far the results don’t seem very good. It seems to be just too heavy of a foundation for my skin. I’m having much better luck with BB Creams and tinted moisturizers for my skin than actual foundation.


Trying Indie Beauty Again

About 6 or so years ago I tried some Indie beauty brands and wasn’t too happy for several reasons. One was that I didn’t have a good job at 18 and I considered it expensive. I also wasn’t really well informed on who to buy from and who to not buy from (I had a bit of an issue with a shady business. Thankfully for me nothing came out of it but I can’t abide by repackaged products.) I quickly fell out of it.

Recently I’ve been viewing Phyrra‘s videos and I think I might give it a second try!

I’m particularly interested in foundations, as my skin has grown suddenly dry.

Soon I’ll do a post with a list of Indie companies I’ve come across and heard about.

Urban Decay Summer 2016

Update! You can see pictures and descriptions from Temptalia and now swatches from Phyrra!

Urban Decay has posted some previews of their summer lineup.


Above photo from VampyVarnish on Instagram

There is the Naked Skin One and Done Complexion Perfector, which I’d imagine is a lightweight foundation or BB Cream like product. It has a small color selection but it looks like they included two deep tones that hopefully will work for those with a dark complexion.



From Urban Decay’s Instagram

There are what seems to be two shades of the Beached Bronzer, two shades of blush, a highlighter, and eyeliners that I couldn’t find on their Instagram at the moment.