Artist Resources

Along with makeup and cooking, another one of my passions is drawing.  Once upon a time I wanted to be an artist but that didn’t work out too well in the long run.  Drawing is pretty much just a hobby for me but I love it nonetheless.

Here is a list of my favorite resources online.

Posemaniacs is an awesome resource!  It has a ton of poses, both male and female – sitting, standing, running, etc…


DeviantArt is a place where you can upload your own artwork, view and favorite others’ art…those sort of things.  They do have a great resource selection of tutorials, Photoshop and other program resources, traditional media tutorials, stock images, the list goes on and on.  I have been on this site for about 8 years and now the resource section is almost all I use.

Creating an account is optional, of course, but having one allows you to keep track of art you like.


CG Cookie

This is a site I discovered very recently.

CG Cookie is a network of sites similar to DeviantArt, but is more focused on education.  From what I have read, CG Cookie was all about digital art but now has several other parts which offer other tutorials, resources, etc…

I personally like Tim Von Rueder’s work.  He runs part of CGCookie’s site Concept Cookie and also has a deviantart account.



Tumblr actually has a good amount of resources that aren’t just reblogged from other sites.  Here are my favorites.

Probably need to do a bit of digging on this one.


Pixiv is a good place for art and some references, but it’s mostly in Japanese.

Manga University has some decent anime/manga tutorials.


Also, if you’re into digital artwork or you like drawing with a pen and tablet on the computer, I highly recommend checking out Paint Tool SAI.  It is amazing.  It responds to pressure like 1000x better than photoshop LOL


Recent Drawings

These are my recent Skyrim/Morrowind drawings.

If you want to repost or share these, by all means do.  But please give me credit.  I will not tolerate theft.  I’ve worked very hard on these (and the same can be said about my blog in general), so I will hunt you down.  I’m half joking of course.  Half.

Click on the pictures for a better view.

Nartise (my Morrowind character)













Nadeni (my Skyrim character)















Leena (my sister’s Skyrim character)

Some Drawing Tips

Drawing is my other big hobby.  In fact, when I was a child, I wanted to be an artist.  But as I got older I realized that it wasn’t something that was stable enough for me to use as a career.  Some people can deal with the ups and downs of inspiration for drawing and writing, but for me it’s not so great.  That’s why I got into Culinary Arts and Nutrition.  It’s not only something I grew up with and love, but my love of food is mostly stable!  🙂

But I’ve been on a drawing kick recently.  I’m gonna post some of my stuff here soon.
I wanted to give some tips when you’re drawing that I’ve found very helpful.
The number one tip I can give anyone is to have reference pictures!
Usually when I draw I have a ton of them.  I have a whole folder of references.
If you have an idea that you wanna draw – go to google, or a search engine of your choice, and search for pictures related to it.  If you’re drawing clothes, find pictures of similar clothes, textures, patterns, folds etc…
Anatomy is a big thing with drawing!  
You don’t have to know the nitty gritty stuff, depending on what you’re drawing, but you need to have a basic knowledge of anatomy to draw anything.
Once again, have references!
If you have a specific thing in mind and you can’t find pictures, take them yourself!
I know, it sounds a little weird, but it really works!  If it’s of flowers, go take pictures of flowers.  Animals?  Get your pets and take pictures.  If it’s the human body, find a mirror and snap some pictures.  Even I’ve done it.
Try to draw something everyday.
Even if it’s just doodling in a notepad during class.  My one art teacher actually encouraged us to do this and gave us extra credit!  Drawing even the littlest things is practice, and practice makes perfect!
I will repeat it.
Practice makes perfect!