Cruelty Free Hair Dye Help Wanted!

I’ve been a long time user of hair dye and finally found a color I love. Unfortunately the brand is not cruelty free and I would love to make the switch!

I’m currently using One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Color in 8RG – Light Tangerine Blonde. I really like the light orangey red colors (without being too light or orange ahaha)

The website describes the tangerine series as having “bright copper gold tones”

I have absolutely no idea how to find a similar color or even to formulate a similar colorso my question is – do hair dye companies use a universal system? For example does my 8RGponds to another brand’s 8RG and the color will be similar?

I am interested in the LUSH Henna but are there any other hair dies someone can point me to?

My stance on cruelty free brands and their parent companies

There’s been much discussion and debate on whether cruelty free brands owned by parent companies that do test are truly cruelty free, and that’s not a question that’s easily answered.

So I’m throwing in my personal opinion and stance.

I believe that this is something that each individual needs to decide for themselves. I don’t believe there is really a right or wrong answer; or that anyone is better than anyone else for what they decide.

I personally support these brands in the hope that their parent companies see that they are important and profitable without testing on animals. I hope that this is a step in abolishing animal testing.

This is my personal opinion and I know there are people with much stronger feelings on this issue, and I believe that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on this and I respect that.

You Look Disgusting – A Video by Em Ford

I came across this very sad and powerful video the other day on Instagram.

Em Ford has struggled with adult acne for some time, but despite this, she began posting her bare face on social media. Recently she released short video – You Look Disgusting – on the nasty comments she received – both on pictures with and without makeup!

I know that a lot of people get told they look great without makeup, and it’s good that people recognize this! But we have people telling others that they shouldn’t wear makeup while others get scorned for wearing “too much” makeup.

I’d like to remind everyone that people don’t just wear makeup to cover their acne and/or scars, or to impress others. Many people wear makeup because of the simple fact that they like it.

If a person does wear makeup to cover acne, they are not fake and they are not trying to trick you. People do not have “trust issues” from other people wearing makeup. If makeup can make someone feel better in their own skin, please let them. There’s enough negativity going on in their life, I can assure you.

This is a very difficult thing for me to explain, so please watch!


Em also encourages people to share their acne stories, which I will! I’ve been meaning to do an updated skin care post too

Cruelty Free Hair Brands Part 1 – Drugstore

Originally I was going to do an all-in-one post of some cruelty free hair, deodorant, oral hygiene, and other personal products that we all know can be very difficult to find.

I’ve decided to do individual posts now so I can go more in depth and waste less of anyone’s time if they’re only interested in one or two product types. Plus, I figured it would be easier to organize, even if I’m mentioning brands more than once.

I like to feature brands that are commonly found in drugstores as well as other, high end brands. This particular post is gonna cover some drugstore hair products, with another post coming soon.

So, hair care. It’s definitely not the hardest of products to find cruelty free alternatives for, but it can be tricky. A LOT of hair companies boast about “natural” or “organic” ingredients, but that isn’t always true and it certainly doesn’t mean it’s cruelty free!

Bottom line, do your research! PETA and others have lists of cruelty free products and there are links to them and other websites in my “Cruelty Free List and Resources” page.

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Cruelty Free Blog and Resource – Cruelty Free Kitty

I have found an awesome cruelty free blog that has a lot of useful information about cruelty free products.

Cruelty Free Kitty is run by Suzi and she maintains a ton of lists, posts, and reviews of cruelty free cosmetics. You can acquire an updated list of cruelty free companies by either clicking on this link or you can obtain a downloadable version by signing up for her newsletter.

There’s so much more I can say about this blog, but please go check it out for yourselves!

ColourPop Cosmetics Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil First Impression and Swatches

After much impatience, I got my ColourPop order in the mail last Tuesday! I am super excited, I have yet to play around with them, but so far they are amazing!

I will do a much more detailed review later of course, but I wanted to share my swatches of the 6 Lippie Stix and 1 Lippie Pencil I bought. I unfortunately do not have a picture of the pencil because I stupidly smashed the poor thing by not paying attention to which cap I put on it!

These lipsticks are so gorgeous! The packaging is simple but attractive and has the name of each color on the bottom of the tube. They are kind of color coded, but a lot of the shades are really similar so it can be hard to tell.

They have a sweet, vanilla-like scent to them. I don’t find it to be particularly strong but I could see some people possibly being turned off by it.

I have already tried out most of them and they all look and feel amazing! I really don’t have much of a review right now for them, but I have a review coming up soon about my experience with ColourPop so far.

Here are my initial swatches

From left to right – Bound, Lumiere, Fiesta, Clique (and matching pencil), Frida, and Fetch


Here are the same swatches after I did a smudge test and then washed with soap and water. I scrubbed quite well with my hands and ultimately had to use a makeup wipe.




First ColourPop Cosmetics Order

After seeing so much ranting and raving on Instagram, I finally decided to order from ColourPop Cosmetics. Their products look so nice and the prices are amazingly low for the said quality.

I got 6 of their Lippie Stix and one Lip pencil – $5 each. I used the coupon code “thanksbabe” for $5 off.

I’m very excited to try these!