Trying out the “no poo” method

I decided today that I’m going to try out the no shampoo method (or “no poo” method as it’s popularly referred to) for my hair.

I used to have super oily hair when I was younger but it evened out a bit as I got into my 20’s. I still have decently oily roots and now have quite dry ends.

I’ve used sulfate free shampoo for a while now and my hair seems to like it well enough, but I really want to try this method, at least for a few weeks to see what happens. A lot of people have gotten great results not only for healthier looking and feeling hair, but also longer hair, which I am trying my best to achieve.

Basically this method uses baking soda as a “shampoo” to clarify and remove dirt and grease from your scalp, and then rinsing your lengths with cider vinegar to condition. Baking soda replaces the sulfates and other detergents in shampoos that can strip too much oil out of your hair and your hair just produces more oil to compensate – leading to oily hair that needs washed again very soon.

Depending on what you want to do, you can slowly wean your way off of the BS&V and go to just water, or occasionally use the BS&V to “wash” your hair.

I’m starting off tonight with the baking soda “paste” method from Code Red Hat, and using a vinegar to water ratio of 2 tbsp vinegar to 1 cup water.


Missing pictures

I had to revert some posts back to drafts because the picture links were broken for some reason. Most are from September and October of last year, but they still have swatches that I need to fix

Update 10/22/15

Hi everyone!

I guess by now you’re all used to me being gone for quite a while at a time. As you know this blog is a hobby and I also have a full time job to deal with, as well as other things.

I hope to update pretty soon with swatches and such, I have a good bit of new things since I’ve been gone for the past 2 months. I already have more swatches of some OCC Lip Tars I’ve acquired and other goodies.

In general, I’ll be posting a lot more on Instagram (mandafancypants, which is a personal too) and twitter (@mandaelisbeth, which is solely for this blog) so you’ll see much for frequent posting there :)

Sorry for the inactivity and thank you to those who are still following and/or reading the blog! ♥

Cruelty Free Hair Dye Help Wanted!

I’ve been a long time user of hair dye and finally found a color I love. Unfortunately the brand is not cruelty free and I would love to make the switch!

I’m currently using One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hair Color in 8RG – Light Tangerine Blonde. I really like the light orangey red colors (without being too light or orange ahaha)

The website describes the tangerine series as having “bright copper gold tones”

I have absolutely no idea how to find a similar color or even to formulate a similar colorso my question is – do hair dye companies use a universal system? For example does my 8RGponds to another brand’s 8RG and the color will be similar?

I am interested in the LUSH Henna but are there any other hair dies someone can point me to?